Lime Putty Render and Limewash applied to Gable End
Lime Putty Render and 5 coats of Limewash applied to Gable End in Thornham

At Norfolk Lime we're dedicated to solving your building restoration and maintenance issues through a commitment to using traditional materials and techniques. As you'd imagine, we're based in Norfolk and as well as offering Lime rendering, Lime pointing and Lime washing, we offer a host of other services to help Renovate or Restore your older property. We work closely with our clients, encouraging them to learn more about their property and we look at how we can rectify recent and past mistakes to bring consistency back to it's structure.

All of the materials that we work with are of the very highest quality. We are always on the lookout for new innovations in Lime based products, adding more options for those who want to use Lime for a project but are after something a bit more specific for certain situations - such as ongoing issues with salt contamination and damp.

Traditional is a word that you will see used a lot on our website, not because we want to use a buzzword, but because in our opinion the traditional way of doing things is always best when it comes to working with older properties.

Whether carrying out running repairs and maintenance to an old Country Cottage or renovating a Victorian town house, Lime and its benefits should always be considered.

We are very willing to discuss and advise on any project that you may want to undertake and to look at the best options for your building. We actually really enjoy what we do and sharing our ever increasing knowledge with people who love their properties is our pleasure.