Lime Putty Render and Limewash applied to Gable End
'Floating' Lime Putty Render

Lime is a natural product with numerous benefits and really is the only material that should be considered as a mortar or plaster during the renovation of buildings with a solid wall construction.

Lime rendering, whether with Lime and Sand or Lime and Chalk, allied to Lime pointing and Lime washing, unify the exterior and interior of your older property. Lime is also a very good choice in modern buildings.

So why choose Lime?

Lime is a very breathable product that moves and flexes with the natural movement of a building, meaning that it is far less prone to cracking than modern cements which have a nasty habit of trapping moisture within the wall causing endless damp problems.

Buildings constructed with Lime internally and externally work as one breathable mass meaning that they take moisture in but are also able to breath the moisture out again through the lime masonry joints and lime render.

Lime also has beneficial antibacterial properties and produces cleaner air within a building.