This is one of our latest projects, in Swaffham, Norfolk, and it's now completed. The client has opted to paint it himself with a breathable paint. The client had problems with a poor quality sand and cement render finish, blown render and emerging damp issues with internal walls.

The areas experiencing problems were the walls of an  extension and his front wall, from the sills downward.

We removed all the sand and cement render. All of the exposed brickwork in both areas was wet and took 2 hot late summer days just to dry out.

It was decided that the extension brickwork was too badly damaged to be left visible and would need repair and lime rendering, whereas the under-sill brickwork could have some replacement bricks and sill bricks, Lime pointing with Lime Putty and, as an extra precaution, a French Drain would be dug to also help alleviate any further damp problems.

The under sill area is now finished (image to come), the extension walls have been dubbed out (twice), had pinnings inserted, a Harling Coat, an initial Scratch Coat and final coat of Hydrated lime, sponge-floated for an applicable finish to this type of property. We would have then normally finished off with 5 coats of Lime washing but the client needed to match his other paintwork, and opted for a breathable match existing work.